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Since 1981


The Langston Hughes Society affords its members a number of benefits for continued support of its efforts. 1) Each member will receive a complimentary copy of the highly celebrated Langston Hughes Review once it has resumed publication as well as the opportunity to submit their own scholarship for consideration with the journal. 2) Members will be eligible to serve as an officer of the LHS and to vote for future officers as opportunities are made available. 3) Members will have the opportunity to share their scholarship at one of several panels that the LHS organizes annually at MLA, CLA, SAMLA, and now the ALA.


At the College Language Association Convention, the LHS organizes its annual luncheon, which features a selected writer or performer of the twenty-first century who has come to represent the love of language and culture that Hughes so deeply embodied. In the past, renowned speakers have included Richard Bruce Nugent (1982), Gwendolyn Brooks (2000), Sonia Sanchez (2003), and Everett Hoagland (2015). Dues, in part, help to cover the speaker fees for this event. Support from our members also helps to sustain the Langston Hughes Review, under new editorship. The LHR is an important pillar of the Langston Hughes Society, continuing the tradition of promoting stellar scholarship on Hughes and his contemporaries while preserving the memories of Hughes as a central figure in African-American and American culture at large. As the LHS continues to expand in pursuit of its mission, members will be kept abreast of the various projects that their dues support via E-mail or postal mail.

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Langston Hughes
Poet Laureate of Harlem